• LANGMaster English Reading Courses + Dictionary

    Publisher: LANGMaster
    Level:   Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate
    Pages: 110p
    Size:  6.37 GB
    Format:  MDF/ISO
    Language: English




    LANGMaster COURSES are adapted from the popular Heinemann Readers. These textbooks are designed for English students from beginner to intermediate level. They provide an authentic English context and help improve the fluency and accuracy of your English.

    Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary - The only completely recorded multimedia monolingual English dictionary. You can listen to selected text read by native English speakers. It helps you practice your pronunciation. All the headwords including examples of usage, inflected and derived forms are recorded by professional speakers.
    Highlited Features - Dictionary:
    • 283,000 recorded words
    • 50 hours of speech
    • 40,000 definitions, 30,000 examples
    • Grammar notes, examples, inflected and derived forms, explanations, phrases, phrasal verbs
    • All entries spoken by native English speakers
    • Search by entry, grammatical form or phrase
    • RE-WISE method

    Highlighted Features - Courses:
    • Full story
    • Useful words
    • Practice with the story
    • Voice recording & play back
    • Interactive exercises
    • Full color illustrations
    • 20 types of educational activities
    • Contextual link into the Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary
    • LANGMaster COURSES are enhanced with a number of multimedia features that ordinary books do not have - texts accompanied by sound, interactive exercises, a storybook cinema, and a number of full color illustrative pictures.

    CD01 Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary
    CD02 (Beginner) John Milne - The Long Tunnel
    CD03 (Beginner) Elizabeth Laird - The Garden
    CD04 (Beginner) Alwyn Cox - Dangerous Journey (Installation CD for beginner level)
    CD05 (Beginner) T.C.Jupp - Rich Man Poor Man
    CD06 (Elementary) N.Whitney - The Stranger (Installation CD for elementary level)
    CD07 (Elementary) M.R.James - Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories
    CD08 (Elementary) O.Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
    CD09 (Elementary) Z.Grey - Riders of the Purple Sage
    CD10 (Intermediate) B.Stroker - Dracula
    CD11 (Intermediate) A.C.Doyle - The Sign of Four (Installation CD for intermediate level)
    CD12 (Intermediate) A.C.Doyle - The Specled Band and Other Stories
    CD13 (Intermediate) P.Prowse - The Woman Who Disappeared

    In each level there is an installation CD that should be installed first. Tha rest can be installed in any order, but at the installation of the first one there is a recommended order. See the notes above to see which are the installation CDs for each level.

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