• Media Virus!

    Author(s): Douglas Rushkoff 
    Date:   1996
    Pages: 368 p
    Size:  19.9 Mb
    Format:  PDF (scanned)
    Language: English
    Publisher: Ballantine Books



    This book tries to explain how and why the media would try to send out its ideals to the masses through a selective exposé of certain television programs such as THE SIMPSONS, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, REN & STIMPY SHOW, MURPHY BROWN, LA LAW, COPS; political and celebrity personalities like the BUSH's, BILL CLINTON, WILLIAM BORROUGHS, PHIL DONAHUE, RUSH LIMBOUGH, PEEWEE HERMAN (Paul Reubens), THE JACKSONS, MADONNA, ICE T, and even quite peculiar for me even the whole controversy with one of my personal faves U2 over the legal frictions with a parody band called NEGATIVLAND (which is rather more documented on the documentary feature flick of the said group) and even more so about the band that I often refer to - JESUS JONES regarding their music video for their perrenial track "Right Here Right Now" and the advent of MTV's outbreak with the likes of music videos from A-HA; BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN; and even more so mentioning the likes of `wanna-whats' like R.U. SERIOUS, and the cult of Genesis P-Orrige called THEE TEMPLE OV PSYCHIC YOUTH - the book nearly gives an impression that the author is culture-shocked, and proposed to infect likewise with the `memes' (ie. A term used by the author to refer about the certain data/info's that are being assimilated n=by the media which in turn affects to influence the masses, at least in the way I understood it and could simply put it) it presents to expose - however, the whole matter is subject to the particular perspective preference of the readers personal comprehension.

    The book is said to have been "revised and updated" from a two-year's span by 1996 - even seems quite un-innovative even from that time, and most of the authors' analysis are nothing new. Rushkoff, although being quite informative nevertheless from time to time with the book only seem to mainly dwell on a surface level, when what we need is to see more of the primal motivating factors behind the dissemination of counter-culture trends and ideas which Rushkoff attempted to disseminate within the length of his work.

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