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    Author(s): Edward N. Albro
    Date:   September 2010
    Pages: 116 p
    Size:  10.3 Mb
    Format:  PDF
    Language: English




    PC World Magazine
    » Features
    70 What’s Your PC IQ?
    How far have you progressed on
    the path from PC neophyte to tech
    guru? Take our utterly unscientific
    PC IQ quiz to find out—and
    learn a thing or two along the way.

    82 Browser Blowout 2010
    A Web browser should be fast,
    but it should also have a clean interface,
    strong security features,
    and good add-on support. Here’s
    how the top browsers measure up.

    93 Save Money With These
    Penny-Pinching Printers
    With printers, consumables costs
    can add up painfully fast. We tested

    12 low-priced printers to find
    which ones are cheapest to own.

    » departments
    7 Techlog
    9 PCW Forum
    112 The Back Page

    » Forward
    12 Your Browser in Five Years
    You’ll soon be able to do on the
    Web what you can do on your OS.
    18 Beta Watch
    20 GeekTech
    » consUmer watcH
    23 Google Is Ginormous
    Expansion spurs privacy concerns.
    24 Skeptical Shopper
    26 On Your Side
    » bUsIness center
    29 IPv6 Is Coming
    Why you must start planning now
    for the new Internet protocol.
    30 Net Work
    32 Tech Audit
    » secUrItY alert
    41 No Data Breach Is Too Small
    Current notification laws don’t
    cover minor personal-info leaks.
    42 Bugs and Fixes
    44 Privacy Watch

    » reviews and
    48 iPhone 4 vs. Droid X
    We test the hottest phones of the
    season on call quality, multitasking,
    media playback, and more.
    52 Top 10 Cell Phones
    56 Qnap TS-259 NAS
    58 Top 10 All-in-One PCs
    62 Top 10 Ultraportable Laptops
    64 WD TV Live Plus
    68 Download This

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