• How to Cook without Having a Cow

    Author(s): James Johnson
    Date:   May 12, 2008
    Pages: ......p
    Size:  2.56 Mb
    Format:  PDF
    Language: English




    A quick summary of what to expect
    Let me be very brief. My wife and I founded our company, Johnson
    Optimal Lifestyle Institute, with the desire to share our health experiences
    with other like-minded people who decide that they want the most out of
    life. Te “VeggieMan” nickname came from family and friends who noticed
    that I eat a lot of vegetables rather than a meat centred diet. Tis has lead
    to sharing our story of how to prepare great tasting food that supports a
    healthier way of life.  With our combined experiences in the health field, we
    are confident that you will benefit from this book.
    Jenna Johnson has been raised vegetarian all her life and has successfully
    raised 3 healthy children of her own. She practices what she preaches and
    is an incredible role model for those who are searching to live a balanced
    lifestyle. We both are excited for the new addition to the VeggieMan
    family. Our daughter has recently had a baby girl who is free from drugs,
    vaccinations and animal products.
    As for me, James “VeggieMan” Johnson, my life has gone from good to
    great in just a matter of a few years, thanks mostly to my wife.  If I could
    do what I did, you sure can too! I feel great and am excited to live life to
    the fullest every day! I am now a health-orientated individual who likes to
    share my health journey with others who are interested in maximizing their
    health choices through lifestyle choices. 
    As a company, our goal is to use our experience to help you learn to cook
    and explore new possibilities. We love working with like-minded people and
    love nothing more than seeing you and your family succeed.
    Whether you’re just starting out in your quest for healthy alternatives,
    knowledge and resources, or you’re a seasoned health expert, you can always
    learn more.
    If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just
    email james@veggieman.com or call 1-877-924-4427. We’re always happy
    to hear from you.
    All the best,
    James “VeggieMan” Johnson
    and Jenna Johnson
    Johnson Optimal Lifestyle Institute
    5199 Salmon River Road
    Armstrong, British Columbia

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