• I Can Make You Thin

    Author(s): Paul McKenna
    Date:   2005-01-17
    Pages: 144 p
    Size:  41 Mb
    Format:  PDF&audio
    Language: English




    Amazon Review
    To all those who feel tempted to write a review saying 'it's all just common sense, just contact me and I'll give you this advice for free!' have a think about what Paul McKenna is really trying to do here. Namely, deal with the psychological side of weight problems and eating issues and help you change your thinking and attitude towards your body and towards food (something most diets don't do). It's all very well (as most people who have battled with eating/weight issues know) to say 'well, it's simple, this is what you should do/eat etc' but there is another aspect to weight management which is... the human mind.

    Namely, human minds are funny things. It's all very well to KNOW that you need to move... but how often and for how long can you successfully force yourself to exercise when you hate it because your mind associates exercise with pain? If you are telling yourself not to eat chocolate/cheese/spinach/insert any other food you love but believe isn't healthy for you, what do you think your mind is going to do? Force you to obsess about eating it until you can't resist.

    Weight loss for humans isn't just a matter of eating less/moving more otherwise Western society (which is getting fatter whilst actually exercising more and supposedly eating less) would be skinny. Interestingly, the societies which don't have as many stigmas and guilt attached to eating and food weigh less... and yet often eat more!

    Have a think before you make such bland and uninformed comments... because people read reviews and sometimes take them on board, and it's someone else's life you may be affecting here (sometimes negatively)

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